Most Common Defects

No house is perfect. Even the best built and well maintained homes will always have a few items in less than perfect condition. Below are some of the items we most commonly find when inspecting a home. Please keep this in mind when purchasing a home and check for ages and conditions on the home disclosure form or by asking the seller to provide. These can also be checked visually when visiting the home.

Roofing Issues: The number 1 complaint or defects located on homes old and new are roof leaks, defective flashings, defective roof coverings, nail pops and installation holes, ceiling stains, roof sheathing deterioration, etc. It is important to get all repairs on a roof performed prior to closing no matter how minor it may seem to prevent leakage from the roof.

Electrical Concerns: The most prevalent electrical concerns are items that have been installed or altered by a home owner performing their own electrical changes. The normal issues we find are GFCI's not installed properly in the garage or near water sources, doubled up circuitry in panel boxes, splices in wires made outside junction boxes or without covers, incorrect wiring, etc. These should be inspected closely prior to closing. Other electrical concerns are frayed wiring, undersized services to the house and fuses used in older homes or incorrect installation of items in new homes.

Structural Components: Broken trusses with incorrect or no repairs performed, cut joists under bathrooms or other plumbing items, deteriorated wood members in the crawl space, and exterior deterioration to items. These items should be identified and repaired prior to listing the house or prior to closing on the property.

Water Heater: Many water heaters are not installed in full compliance with local plumbing code. Some may leak, have been installed by homeowners or friends, or have loose flues, etc.

Gas Furnace: Many gas furnaces we have inspected have loose or leaking flues which is a significant safety concern. This is normally on new construction and needs to be evaluated prior to moving into your new home. Many gas furnaces may need minor repairs such as correcting lines, checking for gas leakage, changing filters, cleaning overflow panes, and checking for proper burning of the appliances. Many have other issues such as faulty operation or inadequate flue clearances.

Plumbing Defects: Plumbing issues commonly found include dripping faucets, leaking fixtures, slow drains etc.. Even in brand new homes, it is common to identify minor plumbing defects.

Wood Rot Or Deterioration: Deterioration noted around the house is common in the trim, eaves, siding, areas under the house, windows, doors, etc. and needs to be checked when walking around the house.

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