Tips On Reading and Interpreting an Inspection Report

Our company performs a thorough inspection of your home and we make a comprehensive report with color photos and information that will be of importance for your knowledge. We ensure you have received a full inspection report and a dedicated summary page.

Most homes have some defects (even new homes) and it is common for us to find several pages of concerns. The most important thing to remember is every thing is repairable or can be replaced at a cost and many times for free if you are willing to make repairs (installing cover plates, light bubs, ETC.)

You should understand what the problem is before you make a judgement on these items. Some repair items are significant and may require an ample amount of work or money provided by a professional; however, some items are minor repairs and can be fixed for free with minimal efforts. You should ensure that you understand the problem prior to becoming nervous about the problems.

Meet the inspector during or at the end of your inspection and let them walk you through the inspection process and concerns found. Sometimes seeing these items up close and personal may help you to have a better understanding. Most commonly, you will be asked to fill out a repair agreement and you will be equipped with any additional information necessary. This may help you eliminate some items on the lists and you can make sure that the most important items are repaired. A realtor, lawyer in the real estate industry, licensed contractor, or licensed engineer can help you make these decisions. All items on the report that recommend a structural engineer or licensed contractor need to have those professionals evaluate those items.

Be realistic about the repairs requested. It is very important to know what you are reading so you can be aware of what you are requesting and to make sure the most significant items are repaired.